10 German Courses in Zurich Switzerland

Have you just moved to Zurich and are looking forward to learn German? If so, you’ve landed in the right post.

We’ve put up a list of 10 language schools that offer German courses in Zurich, and that are located throughout the city. Keep scrolling to find out if there is one that suits your needs. Some include private lessons, in small groups, or for up to 10 people.

The 10 German courses we found are the following:

Berlitz School

Located in central Bellevue, Berlitz School offers live online or in-person courses. Lessons can be either private, semi-private (groups of 2 or 3 people), intensive, or in groups up to 7 to 10 people.

They pride themselves in the Berlitz Method, which consists in immersion (teacher speaking only in the target language), goal-orientation (each lesson is task based with specific learning goals), and presenting, practicing and performing (to test the learning progress).

Contact them here to get more information about the courses.


Bellingua school is located in the central Kreis 1, close to the Sihl river. They offer plenty of course modes, that range from private- to semi-private lessons, intensive or semi-intensive, and in-person or online courses. If you’re an enrolled student, you can also benefit from free conversation lessons to put in practice what you’ve learnt.

Their ‘No English’ method might seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually what their students value the most since it improves learning speed.

Courses cost from 280 CHF/week, and books are an extra of 45 CHF. You can schedule a free phone meeting in order to discuss your needs and goals here.

Hallo Deutschschule

Hallo Deutschschule is located in the vibrant Kreis 5 and they pride themselves in their great price-quality ratio.

Their German courses are very comprehensive since they go from level A1.1 to C2. They also offer intensive, semi-intensive, private, and Saturday courses. They even start beginner courses every week!

Prices go from 490 CHF/month for intensive courses, and the 5 week semi-intensive courses cost 290 CHF.

Contact them here to learn more about their courses.

Zurich, Switzerland

Alpha Sprachwelt

Alpha Sprachwelt was the first ever German language school I attended when I moved to Zurich. It’s located next to the Stadelhofen train station. They offer courses for kids, teens, and adults.

They have a wide range of courses, which means there will probably always be one that fits your schedule the best. At the moment they’re also doing both online and in-person learning.

They also follow a ‘No English’ method, in order to ensure you get the best German immersive experience.

If you want more information about the course prices and schedule, you can contact them here.


Located in the fancy Kreis 8 and very close from the Zurich lake, LSI is a school with over 60 years of experience that offers courses in several languages, as well as exam preparation for official tests such as telc or DELF.

The range of courses they offer is very wide: they have premium courses to help you prepare for different exams; one-to-one tutoring; mini groups for up to 3 people; intensive, semi-intensive and evening courses; and even company training. There’s definitely an option for everyone.

Since there are so many options to choose from, prices are very varied. Contact them here to get more information.


ECAP is a non-profit and non-commercial institution in Switzerland, headquartered in Zurich. Their courses go beyond German language, since they also offer integration courses and even childcare if you attend their school.

German courses range from levels A1 to C1; and besides their school located in central Zurich, they also have options in cities around the Zurich lake such as Männedorf and Regensdorf They also offer a free placement test to ensure you the best learning experience.

Prices are significantly lower than other schools, but they may vary according to your personal situation. Contact them here to learn more.

VOX Sprachschule

VOX Sprachschule is another language school I attended in Zurich. It’s location is perfect, right by the Central tram station.

The school prides itself in its high quality and content-tailored courses, since groups are small and up to 5 people and the focus is on speaking.

Courses range from the A1 to the C2 level, and cost from 1’980 CHF, for a 3 months course. They also offer individual lessons, and company training courses, as well as lessons in English, French, and several other languages.

Contact them here for more information.

Alemania Deutschschule

Alemania Deutschschule is another one of the schools that offers good quality courses at low prices, and is greatly located in Kreis 3 by Albisriederplatz.

German courses also range from levels A1 to C2, and you can choose your learning speed with 1x week, 2x week, 5x week or private lessons. You can also find out if you picked the right level at the first free trial lesson, or by taking an online placement test where you will receive feedback from teachers in 24 hours. Alternative, they offer a free self test you can take in 5 minutes that will help you know your German level.

Courses go from 51 CHF/week, and you can contact them here to know more about them.


Benedict is one of the most recognised language schools, and it’s located in Kreis 4 close to Langstrasse.

With face-to-face lessons for levels A1 to B2, they focus on teaching sentence structure, syntax, and German vocabulary through conversation, listening exercises, dictation, and grammar exercises. Conversational lessons are also offered for enrolled students, and courses last from 10 to 30 weeks.

Feel free to contact them here to get more information, because courses start constantly and there might be an option that suits you perfectly. Other languages besides German are offered too.

Flying Teachers

Flying Teachers offers courses for individual adults, for companies, and also for students and teenagers. They have two schools in Zurich, one located in Kreis 1 and the other one in Kreis 6.

Here you have plenty of course types to choose from, that you can tailor according to your needs. They offer courses in over 28 languages! Lessons can be in groups, individual, to help you prepare for international exams, or even for your professional career.

All group courses start with 4 participants, so it’s easy to find an option that suits you best. They also offer daily lessons, or courses with 2 or 3 weekly classes.

Contact them here to learn more about this school.