From Spain or From Mexico: Which Spanish Should I Learn?

Spanish is a language spoken by over 559 million people around the world. Even though both countries speak the same language, there are concrete differences between the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Spanish in different countries. Mexico and Spain commonly use the language of Spanish in their way of speaking. However, there are similarities and … Read more

What Is The Largest Spanish Speaking Country in the World?

Spanish is the world’s second-most-spoken native language. For a world with more than 7,100 languages being spoken, this is quite an accomplishment! However, what is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world? Argentina is the largest native Spanish-speaking country when viewed by area, covering approximately 1.074 million square miles in total. In terms of population, … Read more

Is Duolingo Actually Good for Learning Languages?

There are so many different options available when it comes to learning a new language. From in-person class lessons, online classes, different computer programs, and even visiting a country that speaks the language, are phone apps, specifically Duolingo, the most effective option? Duolingo’s effectiveness is heavily determined by the level of knowledge one is starting … Read more