263 General Phrases in Swiss German

Swiss German is the dialect spoken in German speaking Switzerland. But I guess you know that, if you clicked this post.

Learning Swiss German is not easy. You need first to have a base knowledge of High German, although Swiss German it’s not exactly similar to the language it derives from. We have put up this list of 236 general phrases in Swiss German to help you learn this dialect.

This is the ultimate list of Swiss German phrases you need. Keep it in hand to consult it whenever you want.

1. Are you American? -> Bisch du Amerikaner?
2. Are you going to take a plane or train? -> Nimmsch de Zug oder gasch mitem Flugzüg?
3. Are you free tonight? -> Häsch hüt abig scho was vor?
4. Are you coming this evening? -> Chunsch du hüt abig?
5. Are you hungry? -> Häsch hunger?
6. Are you sure? -> Bisch du sicher?
7. Are you working Tomorrow? -> Schaffsch du morn?
8. Do you go to Florida often? -> Gasch du viel nach Florida?
9. Did you get my email? -> Häsch du mis Mail becho?
10. Cheers! -> Proscht!
11. Do you feel better? -> Fühlsch dich besser?
12. Do you know where there’s a store that sells towels? -> Kännsch du e Lade wo mer cha Tüechli chaufe?
13. Do you like it here? -> Gfallts der da?
14. Do you have another one? -> Häsch du no es anders?
15. Do you like the book? -> Wie findsch s’Buech?
16. Do you need anything? -> Bruchsch no öpis?
17. Do you study English? -> Lernsch du Englisch?
18. Do you play any sports? -> Machsch du Sport?
19. Do you want to come with me? -> Wilsch mit mier mitcho?
20. Give me a call. -> Lüt mier ah
21. Do you want to go with me? -> Wislch mit mier gah?
22. Excuse me. -> Entschuldigung
23. Has your brother been to California? -> Isch din Brüeder scho mal in California gsi?
24. Have they met her yet? -> Händ Sie sie scho känne glernt?
25. How long have you been here? -> Wie lang bisch scho da?
26. Have you done this before? -> Häsch du das schomal gmacht?
27. How long have you been in America? -> Wie lang bisch du in Amerika gsi?
28. How long have you lived here? -> Wie lang häsch du da gwohnt?
29. How old are you? -> Wie alt bisch du?
30. How many languages do you speak? -> Wie viel Sprache redsch du?
31. How many people do you have in your family? -> Us wie viel Persone bestad dini Familie?
32. How much would you like? -> Wie viel hätsch gern?
33. How many children do you have? -> Wie viel chind häsch du?
34. I have two sisters. -> Ich ha zwei Schwöstere
35. I’m 32. -> Ich bin zweiedrisgi
36. I’ll tell him you called. -> Ich säg ihm das du ahglüte häsch
37. I’m American. -> Ich bin Amerikaner
38. I’m allergic to seafood. -> Ich bin alergisch uf Meeresflücht
39. I remember. -> Ich cha mich erinnere
40. I’m sick. -> Ich bin chrank
41. I’m not afraid. -> Ich ha kei Angscht
42. I’m fine, and you? -> Mier gads guet, und dier?
43. I’m a size 8. -> Ich ha grössi Acht
44. I speak a little English. -> Ich redä es bitzeli Englisch
45. Is your husband also from Boston? -> Chund din Maa au vo Boston?
46. Is your house like this one? -> Gsed dis Hus wie das da us?
47. It’s not very expensive. -> Es isch nöd mega tür
48. I’ve been there. -> Ich bin det gsi
49. Let’s share. -> Chum mier teileds
50. My daughter is here. -> Mini Tochter isch da
51. My father has been there. -> Bin Vater isch det gsi
52. My father is a lawyer. -> Min Vater isch Ahwalt
53. My name is John Smith. -> Min Name isch John Smith
54. My grandmother passed away last year. -> Mini Grossmueter isch letscht Jahr gstorbe
55. This is my son -> Das isch min Sohn
56. My son studies computers. -> Min Sohn studiert IT
57. She’s an expert. -> Sie isch e expertin
58. No, I’m American. -> Nei, ich bin Amerikaner
59. Our children are in America. -> Eusi Chind sind in Amerika
60. No, this is the first time. -> Nei, das isch s’erschte Mal
61. She’s older than me. -> Sie isch elter als ich
62. This is Mrs. Smith. -> Das isch de Herr Smith
63. That car is similar to my car. -> Das Auto gsed ähndlich us wie mis Auto
64. This is my mother. -> Das isch mini Muetter
65. We have two boys and one girl. -> Mier hend zwei buebä und es meitli
66. This is the first time I’ve been here. -> Das isch s’erste mal wo ich det gsi bin
67. What are you going to do tonight? -> Was machsch hüt abig?
68. What do you study? -> Was studiersch du?
69. What are your hobbies? -> Was sind dini Hobbys?
70. What do you want to do? -> Was wilsch mache?
71. What school did you go to? -> Uf weli Schuel bisch du gange?
72. What’s your favorite movie? -> Was isch din Lieblingsfilm?
73. What’s your last name? -> Wie isch din Nachname?
74. What’s your name? -> Wie heissisch du?
75. Where are the t-shirts? -> Wo sind d’ T-shirts?
76. Where did you go? -> Was bisch ane?
77. Where did you learn English? -> Wo häsch du Englisch glernt?
78. Where did you work before you worked here? -> Wo häsch du vorher gschaffed?
79. Where do you live? -> Wo wohnsch du?
80. Where were you? -> Wo bisch du?
81. Who sent this letter? -> Wer häd de Brief gschickt?
82. Your daughter. -> Dini Tochter
83. Your children are very well behaved. -> Dini Chind sind sehr guet erzoge
84. Would you like to buy this? -> Würsch das gern chaufe?
85. You’re smarter than him. -> Du bisch gschider als er
86. You speak English very well. -> Du redsch mega guet Englisch
87. I don’t have a girlfriend. -> Ich ha kei Fründin
88. I don’t have a boyfriend -> Ich ha kei Fründ
89. I’m single -> Ich bin Single
90. Where would you like to meet? -> Wo wilsch dich genau treffe?
91. How many people will come to the party? -> Wie viel Lüt chömid ad Party?
92. Do you have any children? -> Häsch du chind?
93. When does the party starts? -> Wenn fangt d’Party ah?
94. I’m from America -> Ich chume vo Amerika
95. Are you comfortable? -> fühlsch dich wohl?
96. What’s your religion? -> Was isch dini Religion?
97. I want to give you a gift. -> Ich wür dier gern es Geschenkli gäh
98. I speak two languages. -> Ich redä zwei Sprache
99. Would you bring me home? -> Würsch mich heibringe?
100. You have a very nice car. -> Du häsch es schöns Auto
101. Would you like to go for a walk? -> Wilsch go laufe?
102. Is this possible? -> Isch das möglich?
103. It’s 11:30pm. -> Es isch halbi zwölfi
104. It’s late -> Es isch scho spat
105. It’s is a quarter past nine. -> Es isch viertelab Nüni
106. It’s over there -> Es isch döt äne
107. Let’s meet in front of the hotel. -> Mier träffed eus vorem Hotel
108. Let’s have lunch -> Chum mier issed zmittag
109. Let’s wait and see -> Mier warted zerst und lueged
110. Lets meet at the restaurant -> Mier träffed eus vorem Restaurant
111. Maybe -> Isch möglich
112. Life is tough -> S’läbe isch hert
113. Maybe -> Viellicht
114. Nice to meet you -> Freut mich dich känne z’lerne
115. No problem -> Keis problem
116. Nice to meet you (formal) -> Schön Sie känne z’lerne
117. Please come in. -> Chum bitte ine
118. Please come in. (formal) -> Chömed Sie bitte ine
119. Please sit down. -> Bitte sitz ab
120. Please speak English. -> Chasch bitte Englisch rede
121. Please speak English. (formal) -> Chönd Sie bitte Englisch rede
122. Please speak more slowly. (formal) -> Chönd Sie bitte echli langsamer rede
123. Please speak more slowly. -> Chasch bitte echli langsamer rede
124. She’s 86 years old -> Sie isch achtä sächzgi
125. She’s riding a bike -> Sie isch am Velo fahre
126. What did you do yesterday? -> Was häsch geschter gmacht?
127. Thank you -> Dankeschön
128. Thank you -> Danke dier
129. Thank you -> Danke
130. Thank you -> Merci
131. Thank you very much -> Danke viel mal
132. That’s ridiculous -> Das isch lächerlich
133. That’s wrong. -> Das isch nöd richtig
134. That’s wrong. -> Das isch falsch
135. Wait a moment please (formal) -> Warted Sie bitte kurz
136. This is important -> Das isch wichtig
137. Wait a moment please -> Wart kurz bitte
138. What does this mean? -> Was heisst das?
139. What does this mean? -> Was bedüted das?
140. What are you doing? -> Was machsch du?
141. What time should we meet? -> Um weli Zit wemer eus treffe?
142. What’s wrong? -> Was isch los?
143. Where are you from? (formal) -> Vo wo chömed Sie genau?
144. Where are you from? -> Vo wo chunsch du genau?
145. Where do you want to meet? -> Wo wemer eus treffe?
146. Where do you want to meet? -> Wo treffemer eus?
147. One hundred and three -> Hundert drü
148. Who is that? -> Wer isch das?
149. Where is the bathroom? -> Wo ischs Badzimmer?
150. Where is the bathroom? -> Wo ischs WC?
151. 2017 -> zweitusig und sibzäh
152. I would like an espresso please -> Ich heti gern en espresso
153. I have back pain -> Ich ha Rügge weh
154. I’m confortable -> Ich fühl mich wohl
155. Anything else? -> Bruchsch no öpis?
156. And you? -> Und du?
157. Are you afraid? -> hesch angst?
158. Are you going to attend their wedding? -> Gasch du a ihri Hochzit?
159. Are they the same? -> Sind die glich?
160. Are you married? -> Bisch du verhüratet?
161. Are you okay? -> Gads der guet?
162. Are you sick? -> Bisch chank?
163. Can you carry this for me? -> Chasch du mier das träge?
164. Can I borrow some money? -> Chan ich echli Geld uslehne?
165. Can you call back later? -> Chöntisch du spöter zrug ahlüte?
166. Can you fix this? -> Chasch du das in Ordnig bringe?
167. Can I have the bill please? -> Chönt ich d’Rechnig ha, bitte?
168. Can you call me back later? -> Chasch du mier spöter zrug ahlüte?
169. Can you give me an example? -> Chasch du mier es Bispiel bringe
170. Can you speak louder please? -> Chasch bitte lüter rede
171. Can you swim? -> Chasch du schwümm?
172. Does he like the school? -> Gad er gern id Schuel?
173. Do you have a girlfriend? -> Hesch du e fründin?
174. Do you accept U.S. Dollars? -> Chan ich mit U.S Dollars zahle?
175. Do you hear that? -> Ghörsch du das?
176. Do you have an appointment? -> hesch du e Termin?
177. Do you have a problem? -> Hesch du es Problem?
178. Do you know what this means? -> Weisch du was das bedüted?
179. Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel? -> Weisch du wie mer zum Marriott Hotel chund?
180. Do you know where I can get a taxi? -> Weisch du wo ich es Taxi cha neh?
181. Do you know where my glasses are? -> Weisch du wo mini Brülle isch?
182. Do you like your co-workers? -> Findsch dini Arbeitskollege guet?
183. Do you need anything else? -> Bruchsch no öpis anderst?
184. Do you understand? -> Heschs verstande?
185. How is she? -> Wie isch Sie?
186. How long is it? -> Wie lang isch es?
187. How much is it? -> Wie viel ischs?
188. How many? -> Wie viel?
189. How do you know? -> Woher weisch du das?
190. I have a lot of things to do. -> Ich ha mega viel Sache z’tue
191. Is anyone else coming? -> Chund no öpert anderscht?
192. Is everything ok? -> Isch alles okay?
193. Is it cold outside? -> Ischs chalt dussä?
194. Is it far from here? -> Ischs wit weg vo da?
195. Is it hot? -> Ischs heiss?
196. Is it raining? -> Rägnets?
197. Is there anything cheaper? -> Gits no öpis günstigers?
198. Should I wait? -> Söll ich warte?
199. Is your son here? -> Isch din Sohn da?
200. The big one or the small one? -> S’grosse oder s’chline?
201. Were there any problems? -> Heds irgendwelchi Problem geh?
202. Were you at the library last night? -> Bisch du gester abig ide Bibliothek gsi?
203. What are you thinking about? -> Ah was dänksch?
204. What are you doing? -> Was machsch?
205. What are you two talking about? -> Über was redet ihr?
206. What did you do last night? -> Was häsch geschter Abig gmacht?
207. What do you have? -> Was häsch du?
208. What do you think? -> Was denksch du?
209. What did you think? -> Was häsch dier debi denkt?
210. What do they study? -> Was studiered sie?
211. What did you do yesterday? -> Was häsch geschter gmacht?
212. What happened? -> Was isch passiert?
213. What is that? -> Was isch das?
214. What is it? -> Was ischs?
215. What should I wear? -> Was söll ich ahzieh?
216. What’s in it? -> Was isch drin?
217. What’s the temperature? -> Wie warm isch es?
218. What’s up? -> Wie häschs?
219. What’s this? -> Was isch das?
220. Where can I rent a car? -> Wo chan ich es Auto miete?
221. Where did it happen? -> Was ischs passiert?
222. Where are you from? -> Vo wo chunsch du genau?
223. Where is he? -> Wo isch er?
224. Where is he from? -> Vo wo chund er?
225. Where did you learn it? -> Wo hesch du das glernt?
226. Which is better, the spaghetti or chicken salad? -> Welles isch besser, d Spaghetti oder de Poulet-Salat?
227. Which school does he go to? -> Wo gad er genau id Schuel?
228. Which one is cheaper? -> Welles isch günstiger?
229. Who are they? -> Wer sind die?
230. Which one do you want? -> Welles wilsch?
231. Which one is the best? -> Welles ischs beste?
232. Who are you looking for? -> Wer suechsch genau?
233. Who’s that man over there? -> Wer isch de Maa döt äne?
234. Who’s calling? -> Wer isch dra?
235. Who taught you that? -> Wer hed dier das bibracht?
236. Who is it? (Inquiring about who is on the phone) -> Wer isch da?
237. Will you pass me the salt please? -> Chasch mier s’Salz geh, bitte?
238. Will you put this in the car for me? -> Chasch du mier das is Auto due, bitte?
239. Why did you say that? -> Wieso häsch das gseid?
240. Would you ask him to call me back please? -> Chasch du ihm säge, dass er mier sell zrug ahlüte?
241. Am I pronouncing it correctly? -> Beton ich das korrekt?
242. Can you do me a favor? -> Chasch du mier e Gfalle mache?
243. Can you help me? -> Chasch du mier kurz helfe?
244. Can you please say that again? -> Chasch das bitte nomal säge
245. Can you show me? -> Chaschs mier zeige?
246. Can you throw that away for me? -> Chasch das für mich wegrüere, bitte?
247. Does anyone here speak English? -> Red da irgendöpert Englisch?
248. Do you believe that? -> Glaubsch du das?
249. Do you have a pencil? -> Hesch du e Stift?
250. Do you smoke? -> Rauchsch du?
251. Excuse me, what did you say? -> Sorry, was hesch genau gseid?
252. Do you speak English? -> Redsch du englisch?
253. How do you pronounce that? -> Wie betont mer das genau?
254. How do you spell the word “Seattle?” -> Wie buechstabiert mer s’Wort “Seattle”?
255. How do you spell it? -> Wie buechstabiert mer das genau?
256. How do you say it in English? -> Wie seid mer das in Englisch?
257. What does this say? -> Was heisst das genau?
258. What does this word mean? -> Was benüted das Wort genau?
259. What does this mean? -> Was benüted das genau?
260. What’s the exchange rate? -> Was isch de Währigskurs?
261. Why are you laughing? -> Wieso lachsch nöd?
262. Whose book is that? -> Wem sis buech isch das?
263. Why aren’t you going? -> Wieso gasch nöd?
264. Why did you do that? -> Wieso hesch das gmacht?

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