87 Swiss German Travel Phrases

In the German Speaking part of Switzerland, around 60% of the country, people speak Swiss German. It’s a difficult dialect to learn, so we brought you a list of travel phrases in Swiss German to help you on your trip.

Are you planning on visiting or moving to Switzerland sometime soon? If you learn these phrases, or some of them, it may make your trip better, especially if you travel outside of Zurich and other large cities, where almost everyone speaks English.

87 Swiss German Travel Phrases

1. I’m planning to go to London -> Ich ha vor nach London z’gah

2. Have a safe trip -> Ich wünsch der e sicherig Reis

3. This area isn’t safe -> Die Gägend isch nöd sicher

4. I’m leaving now -> Ich gah jetzt

5. Can you recommend a good restaurant? -> Chasch du es guets Restaurant empfähle?

6. Zurich is a safe place -> Züri isch e sicheri Stadt

7. How many miles is it to Pennsylvania? -> Wie viel Kilometer sinds bis nach Pennsylvania?

8. How far is it to Chicago? -> Wie wit ischs bis Chicago?

9. I would like a single room. -> Ich heti gern es Einzelzimmer

10. The plane is leaving at 1 am  -> De Flug isch am eis

11. The view is amazing -> D’Ussicht isch wunderschön

12. Please show me your ticket -> Bitte zeig mier dis Ticket

13. Please take a taxi -> Bitte nimm es Taxi

14. I was going to the library. -> Ich bin id Bibliothek gange

15. I’m on vacation -> Ich bin ide Ferie

16. Let’s go. -> Chum mier gönd

17. In which hotel are you staying? -> I wellem Hotel bisch?

18. More than 200 miles. -> Meh als zweihundert Kilometer

19. Can you take me to the airport? -> Chasch du mich a Flughafe bringe?

20. How much is a taxi to the city? -> Wie viel chosted es Taxi bis id Stadt?

21. It’s near the Supermarket. -> Es isch ide nöchi vom Läbensmittellade

22. On the second floor. -> Im zweite Stock

23. Outside the hotel. -> Usserhalb vom Hotel

24. How much is it to go to London? -> Wie viel chostets bis nach London?

25. When does the plane arrive? -> Wänn chund s’Flugzüg ah?

26. I’ll pay for the tickets. -> Ich zahle d’Ticket

27. Where can I buy tickets? -> Wo chan ich Tickets chaufe?

28. We’re from California. -> Mier chömid vo Kalifornie

29. When is the train departing? -> Wenn fahrt de Zug ab?

30. Which train do I have to take to get there? -> Welle Zug muss ich näh zum döt ane cho?

31. What’s the address? -> Wie isch d’Adresse?

32. When is the next bus to Zurich leaving? -> Wenn fahrt de nöchsti Bus nach Züri ab?

33. Excuse me please, does this train goes to Zurich? -> Entschuldigung, fahrt de Zug nach Züri?

34. Does this train stop at the stop Heidelberg? -> Halted de Zug ade Haltestell “Heidelberg”?

35. How much is a ticket to Zurich? -> Wie viel chosted es Ticket nach Züri?

36. I would like to go to Zurich. How can I get there best? -> Ich wür gern nach Züri gah. Wie chum ich döt am beste ane?

37. When is the last train to Zurich leaving? -> Wenn isch de letschti Zug nach Züri?

38. One ticket to Zurich, please -> Es Ticket nach Züri, bitte

39. How do I get to the city? -> Wie chum ich genau id Stadt?

40. Would you mind showing me this on the map, please? -> Chöntsch du mier das uf de Karte zeige, bitte?

41. Is this the way to the city? -> Isch das de Wäg id Stadt?

42. Do you know of any car rental servies around here? -> Kennsch du irgend e Autovermietig ide nöchi?

43. Is there a tourist information close by? -> Isch e Informationsschalter da ide nöchi?

44. Are there any interesting sights here in the area? -> Häds da ide nöchi irgendwelchi interessanti Sehenswürdigkeite?

45. Where is the train station? -> Wo isch de Bahnhof?

46. Is there a public restroom close by? -> Häds da ide nöchi es öffentlichs WC?

47. I am lost -> Ich ha mich verlaufe

48. What time is it? -> Wie schpat isch es?

49. Is it this way to get to the museum? -> Isch das de Wäg zum Museum?

50. Can I see your passport please? -> Chan ich din Pass gse, bitte?

51. Is it in this direction? -> Isch es i die Richtig?

52. What’s the nightly rate for the room? -> Wie viel chosted das Zimmer ide Nacht?

53. My luggage is missing. -> Mis Gepäck fählt

54. How long will you be staying? -> Wie lang blibsch da?

55. For how many nights? -> Wie viel Nächt?

56. I’d like a map of the city. -> Ich heti gern e Karte vode Stadt

57. I’d like a room. -> Ich heti gern es Zimmer

58. I’d like a non-smoking room. -> Ich heti gern es Zimmer wo mer nöd cha rauche

59. Is there a nightclub in town? -> Heds e Club ide Stadt?

60. Take me to the Marriott Hotel. -> Bring mich zum Marriott Hotel

61. Is there a store near here? -> Häds da ide nöchi e Lade?

62. Is there a restaurant in the hotel? -> Häds es Restaurant im Hotel?

63. Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies. -> Entschuldigung, mier hend keis Zimmer meh frei.

64. What’s the charge per night?  -> Was chosteds pro Nacht?

65. What time is check out? -> Um weli Zit ischs us-checke?

66. Where is the airport? -> Wo isch de Flughafe?

67. I’m from Switzerland -> Ich chume vode Schwiz

68. Where’s the mail box? -> Wo isch de Briefchaste?

69. When is your departure? -> Wenn isch de Abflug?

70. Where are you from? -> Vo wo chunsch du genau?

71. What time are you landing in New york? -> Um weli Zit landisch in New York?

72. Are you from here? -> Chunsch du vo da?

73. Are you traveling alone? -> Reisisch du allei?

74. I’m going to Greece this summer -> Ich gah de Summer nach Griecheland

75. Who is traveling with you? -> Wer reist mit dier?

76. I’m going backpacking -> Ich gah go backpacke

77. I’m staying at an Airbnb -> Ich bin imne Airbnb

78. I’m looking for a nice hostel -> Ich sueche es schöns Hostel

79. I would like to go on a Safari Tour -> Ich wür gern ufe Safari Tour gah

80. I don’t feel safe in this area -> Ich fühl mich nöd sicher i dere Gägend

81. I want to go sightseeing -> Ich wür gern go Sehenswürdigkeite ahluege

82. I love this place -> Ich liebe de Ort

83. I’m staying at a hostel -> Ich bin imne Hostel

84. What is your favorite place in the city? -> Was isch din Lieblingsort ide Stadt?

85. What’s your favorite restaurant around here? -> Was isch dis lieblings restaurant da ide nöchi?

86. Does the room have air conditioning? -> Häds e Klimaahlag im Zimmer?

87. I’d like a room with two beds please. -> Ich heti gern es Zimmer mit zwei Bett

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