The 100 Most Common German Words

Learning these 100 words in German will give you a great start in learning the language. Keep this list in hand because it will be very useful!

1. der / die / das (def. art.) the; (dem. pron.) that, those; (rel.
pron) who, that

2. und (conj.) and

3. sein (verb) to be; (aux./perfect tense)4. in -> in

5. ein (indef. art.) a, an; (pron.) one (of)

6. zu (prep.) to, at; (adv.) too

7. haben (verb) to have; (aux./perfect tense)

8. ich (pers. pron.) I

9. werden (verb) to become; (aux./future tense); ;
(aux./passive voice)

10. sie (pron.) she, her; they, them; Sie (pron.) you (formal)

11. von (prep.) from, of

12. nicht (adv.) not

13. mit (prep.) with

14. es (pron.) it

15. sich (refl. pron.) -self

16. auch (adv.) also, too

17. auf (prep.) on, at, in

18. für -> for

19. an (prep.) at, on [variation: am at/on the]

20. er (pron.) he

21. so (adv.) so; thus, this way, such

22. dass (conj.) that

23. können (verb) can, to be able

24. dies (pron.) this, that

25. als (conj.) as, when; (adv.) than

26. ihr (pron.) you, her; (poss. adj.) her, their, hers, theirs; Ihr

(poss. adj.) your (formal)

27. ja (adv.) yes; certainly, really

28. wie (adv.) how; as

29. bei (prep.) by, with, at

30. oder (conj.) or

31. wir (pron.) we

32. aber (conj.) but; (adv./flavoring particle)

33. dann (adv.) then

34. man (pron.) one, you

35. da (adv.) there; (conj.) because/

36. sein (poss. adj.) his, its

37. noch (adv.) still, yet

38. nach (prep.) after, toward

39. was (pron.) what

40. also (adv.) so, therefore

41. aus (prep.) out, out of, from

42. all (pron.) all

43. wenn (conj.) if, when

44. nur (adv.) only

45. müssen (verb) to have to, must

46. sagen (verb) to say

47. um (prep.) around, at [variation: um … zu in order to]

48. über (prep.) above, over, about

49. machen (verb) to do, make

50. kein (pron.) no, not a/an

51. Jahr das, -e (noun) year

52. du (pron.) you

53. mein (poss. adj.) my

54. schon (adv.) already; (adv./flavoring particle)

55. vor (prep.) in front of, before, ago

56. durch (prep.) through

57. geben (verb) to give

58. mehr (adv.) more

59. andere, anderer, anderes (adj./pron.) other

60. viel (adj./pron.) much, a lot, many

61. kommen (verb) to come

62. jetzt (adv.) now

63. sollen (verb) should, ought to

64. mir (pron.) me

65. wollen (verb) to want

66. ganz (adj.) whole, all the; (adv.) quite

67. mich (pron.) me

68. immer (adv.) always

69. gehen (verb) to go

70. sehr (adv.) very

71. hier (adv) here

72. doch (adv.) however, still; (adv./flavoring particle)

73. bis (prep./conj.) until

74. groß (adj.) big, large, great

75. wieder (adv.) again

76. Mal das, -e (noun) time; mal (conj.) times [math]; (adv.) time(s); once; just

77. zwei (num.) two

78. gut (adj.) good

79. wissen (verb) to know

80. neu (adj.) new

81. sehen (verb) to see

82. lassen (verb) to let, allow, have (something) done

83. uns (pron.) us

84. weil (conj.) because

85. unter (prep.) under

86. denn (conj.) because; (adv./flavoring particle)

87. stehen (verb) to stand

88. jede, jeder, jedes (art./pron.) every, each

89. Beispiel, das, -e (noun) example

90. Zeit, die (noun) time

91. erste, erster, erstes (adj.) first

92. ihm (pron.) him, it

93. ihn (pron.) him

94. wo (adv.) where

95. lang (adj.) long; lange (adv.) for a long time

96. eigentlich (adv.) actually; (adj.) actual, real

97. damit (adv.) with it; (conj.) so that

98. selbst, selber (pron.) -self; (adv.) even

99. unser (poss. adj.) our

100. oben (adv.) above, up there

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